Meet the team


My Name is Brandon

Ever since I was I was born in 1995, cars have been a a corner stone in my life. From attending car events with a baby bottle in hand to racing remote controlled cars into my teen years, the passion for anything with wheels is something that has been strong since day one.

When I am not indulging in something automotive, you will find me in heated board game sessions with Gen, on the golf course with Jaco, shooting and editing videos or spending time making memories with the important people in my life, often entailing Andrew being in charge of feeding us at the braai or potjie.

I am excited to see where this journey takes us as a group of friends and even more excited to improve the content and value we can add to our communities life.



My name is Andrew with a big beard and bald spot…. Sadly…
A man with a big heart that misses his Audi more than anything. 
A man that would wash his favorite car in the rain. 
A man that can make a banging Potjie approved by many, especially Genevieve. 
I love my cars a lot! I enjoy been around them, the speed, the open roads, the smooth rides calm me. 
Being around my great friends, that have always been there for me – I would build a Potjie up for them any day!
Enjoy every moment.
Hugs and Kisses,
Love, Andrew 


I am a mechanical design engineer with a passion for 3D printing and business. I first developed an interest in 3D printing during my studies in mechanical engineering and have been exploring the technology ever since. I enjoy experimenting with different materials and techniques to create intricate designs and functional objects.

When I’m not busy with my 3D printer, you’ll find me out on the golf course. I love the challenge of the game and the opportunity to spend time outdoors with friends. I’m always striving to improve my swing and technique. 

In addition to my passions for 3D printing, golf, and mechanical design, I also have a love for business. I find the entrepreneurial spirit inspiring and use any spare time I have to explore new business ideas and opportunities. Whether it’s brainstorming new product ideas or exploring potential markets, I enjoy every aspect of the business world. My goal is to combine my technical skills with my entrepreneurial drive to create innovative products and solutions that have a positive impact on society.


My name is Genevieve, but you can call me Gen for short (it is easier for most to remember).

I’m a small town girl who decided to spread her wings and move to a big city, only knowing 1 person.

I have been around cars for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I spent most of my weekends at Rally events, watching my mom have a love for cars and watching her service her own car (thanks mom!) #independentwoman.

Even though my nails may be long, I’m always down to get get them dirty and help where I can (as long as they don’t break!)

Spending time with friends, eating Andrew’s Potjie, is the best way to spend a Saturday. However, you will find me glued to the TV, screaming, on an F1 Sunday!

I’m here to keep the boys on their toes.